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Fling Kong is a fighter who is among those heart Air Skylanders at Skylanders: Trap Team.

Fling Kong is no stranger to battle, but he prefers a little lifetime of peace. He’s dedicated to his coaching and is ready to do anything it takes to fight for what’s right. 1

As a royal protector of the mythical fighter idol Kubla-Wa, Fling Kong trained badly in the mystical art of Monk-Ru, a kind of fighting the ability of atmosphere. He was a dedicated pupil, always the first to arrive at instruction and the last to depart. One afternoon, a troop of foul-smelling, well-armed Gorilla-Goos seemed, led by the infamous General Snot. Snot had heard stories about the idol, particularly it was made from solid gold. The villains quickly seized control of the temple that placed the idol and were on the verge of carrying it. But suddenly the smelly gorillas found themselves face to face with Fling Kong — that attacked with the ability of a legitimate Monk-Ru master! Using his flying rug and effective vortex disks, he expertly defeated the Gorilla-Goos and spared the idol. Shortly afterwards, word of his actions spread to Master Eon. Now a Skylander, Fling Kong knocks the wind out of evil throughout All the Skylands!

Fling Kong, Together with Trail Blazer and Fist Bump in Issue #4.

Fling Kong, Together with Fist Bump and Trail Blazer, were the closing competitions in the Legendary Tournament. The trio of Skylanders mocked and defeated Dj Vu, who left it to the Finals, by claiming that she was out of the league and the finals were for Skylanders who will "handle heavy battle ". As the final round started, Fling Kong teamed up using Fist Bump and Trail Blazer to defeat Dj Vu, not wanting her to win so they are sometimes only ones made to fight for the winner title among themselves. In the end, all 3 Skylanders underestimated the Magic Skylander, who utilized bursting copies to encircle Trail Blazer, Fist Bump and Fling Kong and knocked them out. Dj Vu is crowned the new Legendary Champion, and Fling Kong consenting for her for his behaviour Together with Fist Bump and Trail Blazer.

Fling Kong, Head Rush and Stealth Elf were among those Skylander teams that searched for Kaos following his escape out of his Traptanium prison three months ago. Onboard Sharpfin’s boat, they had been ambushed by Dark Drow and nearly consumed by a rift created by Kaos’s Sky Eater.

These are the beginning and maximum Statistics with this particular Skylander in the Skylanders games.

Caution: These stats aren’t utilized in some of those Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

Basic Abilities These abilities are available by the start of the game.

Secondary Ability Press Attack 2 to dash forward and smash into enemies.

Basic Upgrades Skylanders can buy new skills from Persephone/Power Pods.


Truth: Power Discs with spikes do much more damage.

Press Attack 3 to smash Power Discs collectively and make sound waves to damage nearby enemies.

Hold Attack 2 to charge up the Magic Carpet to do much more damage and continue longer.

Hold Attack 3 to get a more powerful Cymbal Crash that also stuns enemies.

Power Discs can go through enemies and bounce off walls.


Do a Cymbal Crash toard the end of a Magic Carpet Dash to get a super burst combo.

Hold Attack 1 to charge up Power Discs to get a massive overhead throw.

Leave a trail of electricity following a Magic Carpet Dash that hurts enemies.

Skylanders can use skills based on their degree.

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